Hmm I don’t see much of those hairless animals anymore humans right? Also it rocks because there are more trees than ever! There are so many of us now and I love it. Also when it gets cold we can live in the buildings the hairless animals made, since they all died they don’t need them.

I know a lot of animals are stoked for this but the dogs are upset but screw them, those bastards have been killing and chasing us for years.

We can actually breathe clean air again and the climate has gone back to normal. We always had trouble when hurricane season came around. Since our numbers have risen and there is  not threat to us any more we can finally unleash the technology we have had for years. With this we can make ourselves bigger to repurpose alot of the humans inventions.

First we would reinvent their cars to not omit such a horrible deadly gas. Then we will move to cleaning the oceans and so on. The Humans didn’t understand we only have one planet. Next after the clean up we will access NASA and send all the waste to space because plastic can’t decompose.

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