I was walking to class one day and no one was on campus everyone was gone. It was as if I was the only one there. I kept walking and then I saw something I had never seen before…. something not of this world.

As I closer I saw that it was a metallic ship. There were no windows on it so I could see who or what was controlling it. It produced some sort of gas to make people go to sleep. I put my jacket or my face so I wouldn’t inhale it. I noticed it did not work on nearby animals.

So I ran to the pet clinic thinking that I would be safe but when i got there, there were 2 tall blue men. At least I thought they were men. Their faces had big red eyes and their nose was that of an anteater. The spoke english and they started asking me questions like…

“What is your age, and sex”

I responded “22 and female”

They then took me on to the ship and put me in this room were there was other students. There was an even number or boys to girls and we were all the same age. There was a total of 10 of us and it was diverse such as,white,native american , asian, black, and hispanic.

Then another blue man came and told us

“You humans have done a terrible job with your planet so we are “cleansing it” we have selected you all to recreate the human race and make it better. We are still selecting others to join you who we deem worthy. While we are repairing earth which will take a few 1000 years we will put you into hyper sleep and erase your memory of this. ”

And before we could do anything the blue man sprayed us with the sleepy gas…….

To be continued….


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