Well to answer this question let me give y’all a little background on me. So what I am about to say probably sounds like a hallmark movie.

Well when I was 15 I met who Id later find out to be the love of my life. We have been together ever since and now we are engaged. We went to different colleges and we have been battling with long distance the past 4 years.

So in 10 years I see myself…

  1. Married because I am engaged.
  2. A kid or 2
  3. Probably about to buy my first house
  4. 3 dogs all rescues
  5. A job with a company I love
  6. coaching a softball team
  7. Hopefully having a master degree
  8. Alot of my loans paid off
  9. not living in VA
  10. being financially independent


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