Well like most of my fellow classmates I too chose the shortest stories, that’s the business major in me time is money.

So the first one I read was “There will come a soft rain” while I was reading I kept picturing Cinderella in a nursing homes and all the mice were helping her get her chores done like in the movie. Then things got pretty dark when it mentioned that poor dog starving for food. And how it mentions the “tick tock” it makes me think of Hickory dicory doc”. I know i may sound crazy for tying so many random things into this short story but I just have this nagging feeling it is tied to Cinderella. But it might be a nursing home for animals because it mentions so many animals. It is kinda of confusing but was extremely entertaining

Ok the next short story was ” Finis” I thought it was very interesting kind of gave me the feel for “The Day after Tomorrow”. The reason the story is so good is that it make sense to the reader on how it can happen. I do believe there is an a ultimate center and we all live because of the sun so there might be a super sun. It stinks that there would probably be now way in protecting yourself from something like this. One thing did not like is how they randomly throw a love scene in there. Like come on your talk about science stuff the whole time then wham a ending kiss. And you don’t really get to know the characters that well.

Well thats my reflection on the short stories

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  1. I think Finis’ publication date on 1906 is what gets me. It is a bit stilted and dated, but it also feels super relevant to our current fears about the planet.

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