Joan Williams was born April 15, 1995 in Harrisonburg, VA. She grew up on her family’s farm. So once she was old enough to help out on the farm she would get up at 4AM milk the cows, clean the chicken coops and clean the horses cages. She did all of that before she went to school. She also liked to hunt in her free time or shoot some hoops.

She went to the local high school Jefferson High, she really wanted to be on the basketball team, she even tried out her freshman year and made the team but her parents needed her to work on the farm and her side job to get money for the family. Joan also worked as a paralegal at a local law office in Harrisonburg. She loved studying about the law and it paid really well but every paycheck she had to give to her parents. She grew up watching Law and Order everyday

She was great in school, straight A’s every year in highschool so her senior year she applied to college at JMU, it was right down the street from her house so she would not even have to pay room and board. Well she got in and that money she gave to her parents every week, they were secretly saving it for her college and FASFA gave her all the money she needed.

She is currently a senior at JMU still doing her chores on the farm before school and works with girls scouts, she has changed the girls scouts so it’s more like the boy scouts so they learn how to survive in the woods and all.

She is graduating this year with a law degree and has already 3 job offers.

Joan grew up having to be a hard worker and had to earn everything she has.

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