End of Day Reflection:

I would have to say I really liked all the different versions of the end of the world. My favorite was the black hole one. Because I have never really even thought about that being an end of the world scenario. My least favorite alternative was the tsunami scenario. That one scares me because its so violent also it shows the dog in the car before it hits, even though I know he got out I just know he did make it :(.

Plague: If there was a killer disease running around killing billions of people I would dig a fort underground with food and water. Or get far away from people as possible.

Tsunami: I would try to get to high ground or try to get inland as fast as possible.

Meteorite: Well for that one if it was a big killer one heading my direction I would probably just go to the beach and drink some beer before the end would hit me

Yellowstone: Now for this one I guess I would try to hop on a boat and get to sea as far as I could.

Black Hole: Yeah we are all screwed on that one


Routledge Article

I thought this was a very interesting article about all the different sci-fi ways the world could end. One book they mentioned in the text was a trilogy called Xenogenesis. It was about how and alien race using gene splicing so they could save the human race form the nuclear holocaust. I never would have thought of that but I really like the concept.

Novel Experts

So the one that I loved and will be getting is The Book of the Unnamed Midwife So basically the earth population is cut down so much and alot of women and children are dying during childbirth. And this midwife is disguising herself as a man so she will be safe from male colonies taking her. So I am pretty excited to buy it and read it.

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