The Unnamed Midwife in GIFS!!

The Unnamed Midwife wakes up in a hospital with no one else around.


Then she goes looking for her friends or anyone


she cant find anyone so she then goes home


then in her apartment she gets attacked by a man who is sick and tries to rape her


SHe then meets up with 2 gay men and thinks she found people to be with in a post apocalyptic world but they ditch her because it is too dangerous having a women with them. so she is now on her own. and must take care of herself and dresses like a man for protection.

SHe find supplies


gets in a shootout with men who have taken women as sex slaves


she then stumbles upon a group of mormons who take “Dusty” in she ultimately leaves where a mormons couple follow her because they dont like being mormons anymore lol

Then after she moves on from that she comes across a new society where there are rule and no disease nd it where she teaches people medicine and she helps save lives.


She is done with her story but she has other survivors write their story in it.

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