Movies and Gifs


Ok Ok Now!! So I figured out how to make a GIF thanks to Jen you rock. So let get this started with La Jette, that movie definitely gave me the creeps a bit. I thought the pictures would start moving and pop out and scare me. But for the time it was made it had some pretty far out concepts about the apocalypse. The whole higher power see into the future thing was pretty crazy. But even with the subtitles it was hard to follow but the pictures were amazing. The film took advantage of using contrast a lot in the pictures for sure.

Now onto The Road, I thought it was a great movie. But it made me sad at times, when the boy wanted to talk about his mom but the dad sadi just forget it. It broke my heart. I almost had a heart attack when they were in that house where the people were chained up to be eaten and the owners came back. I said to myself “if this little boy gets eaten im done forever with this movie” Throughout the movie the father narrates the movie talking about how the boy wants to meet other children and all, but little did they know a super nice family was following them the whole time! Towards the end of the movies the fathers dies, then the little boy is confronted by a man with 2 kids a wife and a dog. So that movie gave me hope that the world will be ok.

Below I attached a gif from my favorite scene! The boy is trying a soda for the first time, and he love its and say wow its so bubbly. Reminded me of me when i was kid drinking soda thinking how great life is.


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