5 Frames Then The End

It was a typical winter everything was peaceful , it was the night before christmas and we were all excited for the new year. But on Christmas morning all the snow and ice melted away overnight. The weather man didn’t say this would he said it would be below 30 degrees. But now it feels like the 70’s.

So we took joy in the unseasonably warm weather, we all went swimming at the beach it was great best unexpected Christmas surprise yet. Or so we thought it kept getting hotter and hotter and hotter. Wildfires started out of nowhere we didn’t know what this happened.

The fires kept growing and growing we had to get out of there.

So we hopped in the RV and hit the road for the caverns to escape the rising heat. We didn’t know if we were going to make it intime we just kept driving on the back roads to avoid the madness. And to avoid all the deaths that were happening.

It keeps getting hotter and hotter and i don’t think Ill make it I dont think I can stand this heat any longer or that terrible smell that comes with it. Oh my god that terrible smell is me ouch ouch im getting burned from the air I just want to..

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