So the 4 short videos I watched where

They really put into action what the Ebert article was talking about on how to read movies. So while i was watching Children of Men i kept looking for anything that might resemble what i read and saw in the articles and videos but it was hard. The camera seemed low budget, it was also moving if that makes since. Well almost at exactly an hour in on the movie where they just left their hide out they come across a school and Theo, the protagonist in the film is walking down a school hall way. When i saw it i literally yelled “ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE YESSSSS!!!!” So here is the link to my youtube channel hope you like it. Also going off of Ebert I did see alot of diagonal shots done in this film because they were in the woods abd by mountains. So while they were driving a car along the road it would zoom in at a diagonal approach from behind

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