Well our group finished our project and i think everything went really well. Everyone contributed where they could and i think our finished product it really something special. It was hard coordinating when everyone could meet but slack really helped. I cant wait to hear what the other groups have for their radio projects.

I finished my book “The Unnamed Midwife” and i loved it such a great tale of a survivor and a strong feminist character. It also has a sequel i want to read but not till the summer, i don’t want to get distracted because i have softball and hw i have to do.

Also for the question of the week i would love to be a time traveler, just to have inside information and go to any time i wanted, i could mayber prevent the apocalypse from even happening.

2 thoughts on “Week 8”

  1. I feel that we couldn’t of got the group project done as quickly if you didn’t take on two speaking roles, I felt you were a big part in the success of our show. I think if you did do the time traveler thing, I feel you should bring your softball bat to eradicate the zombie apocalypse before it starts.

  2. The two radio shows last night were amazing! I love how everyone has approached this assignment in different ways, and yet still incorporated the emerging evidence. I look forward to seeing everyone’s reactions to our radio show tonight!

    I chose time traveler too, although I’m not sure I would be brave enough to stop the apocalypse alone! I would at least save people I know, but saving the world would be a lot of pressure.

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