Week 3 update on My Life

Well week 3 has come to a close and I definitely felt a little overwhelmed this week.  Just from all my classes. I have to read this book about Appalachian Folklore. Not saying it isnt interesting just geeezzz it is hard to read in oral text.

I did enjoy the reading for this class though. Pretty cool on the different times everything was published and what they thought would be the end. How they would dramatize certain things and what not.

Also on a random note I am super happy the Eagles won last night, I am not big into the NFL but I love a good underdog story. I mean better become an Eagles fan because after graduation I am going to be moving to Philly, my fiance has a job up there.

I am really going to to try and focus on time management this week. Just in a couple weeks I have my first game of the season FYI if you want to come its at the battleground on Feb. 24th.  This is for softball ofcourse. It is my last year and the pressure is on to lead to team and try and win the CAC championship.

To close I will answer the question of the week, and my answer is i would definitely be a hoarder. You can not trust people and survival is all about number 1, and then your family, strangers can hit the bricks. Well unless they were children I might give them some supplies or shelter.

Well that week 3 with a wrap.

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