Ok so I have been struggling a little bit this week, trying to find the ropes and I hope I am. There was so much to read for this course about the do’s and don’ts and I just want to do my best.

Apparently our answer to the weekly question was supposed to go in hear but I already blogged something for it. My bad  Professor i’ll do better next week.  Also I am a little confused on the weekly assignments I went to the page and I couldn’t really understand it, so i hope we did not have any assignments.

But on the bright side to my struggle I am getting to know a lot of you from Instagram, Twitter and Slack.  I really enjoy the daily creates its pretty fun to do it’s like a creative break for your brain.

If you noticed my twitter picture i have an elephant and a lion that just because I love the jungle animals.  The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie hands down.

Well this is my weekly reflection hopefully you guys don’t think I am too weird.

One thought on “Monday Reflection for Week 1”

  1. You did just fine! I tried to be a little clearer in the work for week two (which will be posted tomorrow) about what the actual “assignments” are. It can be confusing. 🙂

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