End of week 10 AMEN!

Well I really enjoyed the assignments this week because I got to watch a cool new movie Children fo Men Next was all the assignments. THis week was pretty difficult because i had my first big girl job interview and I got the job but i declined it because it didn’t offer what i wanted. And oh did i mention the interview was in Philly?? Long ass drive for sure.

Also parking sucks…. But the museums, people and food where amazing

Sorry this week is short just didnt have alot to say. But for my question of the week I wanna ask the class “Yo whats up with Martha??”

One thought on “End of week 10 AMEN!”

  1. Congratulations on the job offer. Even if it wasn’t the right thing, it’s a great indication of what’s to come! I love Philly. It’s one of my fav cities. And I’m fine! Seriously. just. fine.

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