Well I am already very familiar with canva and have had an account for a while. I did the tutorials..

  1. The art of alignment
  2. Working with white space
  3. Harnessing Hierarchy
  4. Consistent Branding
  5. Design for social media
  6. Tweak These Designs
  7. Designing with shapes

Ted Talks

  1. For the first one i really enjoyed it. She uses design to have fun. She describes it as her play time. In the middle of the video she showed alot of her designs and they were amazing! But sadly he had to keep changing her designs because people kept copying her. BUt it lost the seriousness for this. I loved her passion and made me excited about design.
  2. I thought the 2nd one was interesting to because i loved the picture he used and different aspects to which it could be changed. The part about the airport was funny. He made me look at pictures i would normally wouldn’t my self. The 9-11 photo was very impactful


I hope to be a little better at design because i am not really known for my creativeness. I hope to be better with my posts.

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