Bucket List for The Unnamed Midwife

The main character is the unnamed midwife she goes by different names throughout the book to protect herself. So i’m referring to her as the unnamed midwife. In this post apocalyptic world people have low to no birth rate.

  1. Find a cure for the disease that is killing everyone.The unnamed midwife has a medical training background and throughout the novel she uses her medical knowledge to help people. She has seen people die from this.
  2. Read all the book Honus gave her for Christmas.  During the book the unnamed midwife is living in an abandoned house with a newly weds and the husband is Honus and he went out and got presents for everyone and for the midwife he got her books all from female authors.
  3. See different parts of the world. The midwife before the apocalypse worked practically 24/7 at the hospital so I think she would want to see different parts of the world.
  4. Go back and save that girl from the university in the dorm. IN the beginning of the book the unnamed midwife is trying to get supplies and she is disguised as a man at this point and she stumbles upon 3 college students 2 guys and 1 girl and they basically have her as a sex slave.  She didnt have the means to save her but she gave her birth control.
  5. PArticipate in a hive orgy. So it was mentioned a few times in the book about these “hives” hives are basically where one female rules over dozens of men and they all participate in sex together. I think the unnamed midwife would do it because she like both men and women. Just something crazy to do before you die,