Papa Needs help

For this assignment I decided to be the little boy from ” The Road”. He finds a house and the phone is working so he dials 911 and requests help because Papa is dead on the beach and he does not know what to do.  You can listen here.

I thought the little boy would be perfect for this assignment its a little short but it seems fine to me. I did a 2nd recording to add some background to the kids character in the movie. Click here to listen.


What the Freak Frequency Radio

I thought Frequency 2156 was very interesting. I listened to alot of deep radio stations and lite hearted ones. One i listened to sounded pretty similar to the tweet along audio we listened to earlier in the week. But i did think ones were pretty creepy, one of our classmates had one where they were yelling for help, it sounded extremely believable.

When it came to the assignment to upload my own audio to Frequency 2156 it didnt work out and  was pretty upset because i uploaded the song “Its the end of the world as we know it” and i edited on Frequency to make it sound creepy and mysterious but it didnt load. I waited 2 hours. So if you want to hear what i tried to upload to the Frequency Radio its Here.

Radio Shack

So after listening to Jad Abumrad I really enjoyed what he had to say about the radio. He started to tell a story and focusing on how that even though radio lacks pictures that its strength as well. He said “I just painted you a picture but you were the paint brush.” People do say radio is dead but sometime when im in the car listening i do feel as if they are talking to me. Especially when i am back home in Norfolk when i hear the local radio stations, i can really relate to them.  I feel the radio can connect us as community.

In the 2nd video he discusses how radio is almost ancient storytelling and i can agree with that the radio was invented before the TV and that’s how alot of people got their information besides the newpapers. Jad has a very interesting perspective on the radio.

I personally do not have alot of experience with audio apps. But i did download SoundCloud so that a star. And the other day when i listened to the DS106 Radio i thought that was pretty cool. Hopefully ill have a chang to play with those other apps as well.