Radio Shack

So after listening to Jad Abumrad I really enjoyed what he had to say about the radio. He started to tell a story and focusing on how that even though radio lacks pictures that its strength as well. He said “I just painted you a picture but you were the paint brush.” People do say radio is dead but sometime when im in the car listening i do feel as if they are talking to me. Especially when i am back home in Norfolk when i hear the local radio stations, i can really relate to them.  I feel the radio can connect us as community.

In the 2nd video he discusses how radio is almost ancient storytelling and i can agree with that the radio was invented before the TV and that’s how alot of people got their information besides the newpapers. Jad has a very interesting perspective on the radio.

I personally do not have alot of experience with audio apps. But i did download SoundCloud so that a star. And the other day when i listened to the DS106 Radio i thought that was pretty cool. Hopefully ill have a chang to play with those other apps as well.

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