Reflection for everything week 9

Well, the radio shows went amazing I enjoyed listening to everyones stories. Just a cool experience all around. I didn’t know so much work went into making a 20 min audio movie.

For my revised assignment I redid the lost hat poster. I made it more black and white to give it a classic feel. It in Design assignments tab under the title “Lost hat”

So for the question of the week, the one thing I couldn’t live without would probably be music. I would try and get as many ipods as i could so i could always have music. Music helps you feel. Helps you live. That one things i couldnt live without.

Apocalyptic AIRWAVE Week 7

So we had have been talking through slack and had our first officially group meeting today! I really enjoy my group members. We are all excited and wanting to make a great radio show. Samara is definitely our fearless leader for taking the lead on this. We would be lost without her.

So we have finished all the recordings in our script and now we are taking on individual assignments like commercial breaks to meet the time quota. I cant wait to hear our finished product. Over spring break was a challenge im not going to lie. I couldn’t help with the writing of the script because my softball team was in Myrtle Beach SC. We played 8 games in 5 days and yah girl played 7 of them not to mention practice before the games. But it all worked out i think we are on track with our project and it will be a great one.